Blog Brunch is a great opportunity to network with like-minded creative mamas and support one another, with genuine intention. And it’s the PERFECT excuse to share all the pretty, the hard work and the dedication you put into YOUR blog.

Every Friday Morning, at 11am EST, visit the ItsSmoothieBowlLove Blog  and choose Blog Brunch from the menu bar. Once you’re there, read the theme, rules and how-to’s before submitting your content. Girls, I keep it simple and drama-free. My rules promote genuine connection! As far as content goes, it's important to me that I use my expertise in business and branding coaching to HELP you on your business blogging journey. Honest resources are hard to come by. I'm 100% authentic in my intentions. :)

1. You get to show off your BEST blog posts 4-5x a month.
2. You get a chance to connect with other blogging mamas, who are also in the business of blogging.
3. Participants get automatically entered into that weeks giveaway, with a super simple way to earn an extra entry. No jumping through hoops. And seriously great things up for grabs!
4. I email out a Hostess’ Favorite Entries Email to ALL Bruncher's and link directly to your blog. Something I look forward to sending out each and every week. 

I send approximately 5 emails out to bruncher’s each month. That’s it!!! I know you’re busy and don’t have time for anything more than that. I usually send out one email at the end of each month, sharing any brunch news/fun challenges/brunch themes, etc. for the month ahead, which also is a reminder to add brunch to your calendar each week. And then, I will send out a Hostess’ Favorite Submission’s Email, with all my fav entries from the week before (so 4x a month or 5 if it’s a long month). 

What’s the catch? Absolutely nothing.  Just an honest, real, fun place to grow your blog, instagram and Pinterest traffic, organically. Oh YES, it'll be a trifecta of awesome.

Chat with you very soon!
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